Tuzzle is a newly concetual furniture.

Just make a fun play with your kids and simply assemble Tuzzle.
Tuzzle is a newly conceptual furniture.
Mom becomes magic princess, daddy will be MacGyver.

Your kids grows everday.
  Puzzle your Tuzzle from cradle, desk and chair, sofa, rocking horse and toybox for newly born baby to 8 year old kid as your kids grows everyday. 
Even though you really want to buy top grade wooden furniture for your kids as they need
in every step of growth, your will soon face difficulties due to the limit of the space and budget. 
Tuzzle thinks the kid`s health.

Tuzzle is made of white birch, environmentally friendly paint and glue, non toxic silicon, proven sponge. In a LOHAS concept, Tuzzle thinks the kids’ health.

Tuzzle make besk grade produt.

Tuzzle study and design to make best grade product customers want and manage the design and production process systematically throughout designing, planning, producing and packaging

Tuzzle is space furniture.

Children needs creative playground to develop the potentials as they grows and educate themselves through the plays.